Written by TagTomat 14 Dec 2023 14:15

DIY Christmas Lanterns for the Greenhouse


The greenhouse is the perfect place to enjoy the cold Christmas days in the garden, just wrap yourself in warm clothes and create Christmas cosiness. To bring the Christmas spirit into the greenhouse, we guide you below on how to decorate empty jam jars with beautiful autumn leaves from the garden and greenhouse.

It's a cosy Christmas activity that can be done by both children and adults - either in the greenhouse on a sunny day or indoors.


Upcycle Empty Jam Jars and Create Christmas Cosiness in the Greenhouse.

Find out below, how to transform empty jam jars into beautiful Christmas lanterns that can decorate and create a festive atmosphere in the greenhouse.

What you'll need
  • Jam jars
  • Decoupage glue for glass/ceramics
  • Paintbrush
  • Autumn leaves
  • (LED) tea lights
  • Optional: jute string or wire
  • Optional: glass and ceramic markers


  1. Scour the garden and greenhouse for leaves in beautiful autumn colours. Look for leaves in different colours, shapes, and sizes.
  2. Clean and remove labels from the jam jars. Brush decoupage glue on the surface of the glass. Only put glue on the glass where you would like to decorate with leaves and work on a small area at a time.
  3. Place the leaves onto the wet decoupage glue in the arrangement you desire.
  4. Brush decoupage glue on top of each leaf, ensuring they are smoothed out. Let the jars dry overnight.
  5. Optionally, outline some of the leaves with a glass and ceramic marker and let it dry. You can also write or draw other things on the glass.
  6. If you want to hang up the lantern, you can tie wire or jute string around the jar's rim, ensuring it is secure. Alternatively, just tie a bow around the jar if you want to place it on a shelf or table.
  7. Put an (LED) tea light in the jar and place or hang it in the greenhouse. Enjoy how your homemade lanterns spread Christmas warmth and cosiness in the greenhouse.


We are wishing you a wonderful December and Christmas atmosphere in the greenhouse!

Best wishes,

Team TagTomat