Written by TagTomat 20 Jun 2023 09:10

Greenhouse plants that don’t require plant support

If you are looking to avoid plant support in your greenhouse, here are some suggestions for plants that don't need to be staked. This might be relevant because you cultivate in plant boxes or pots, and you wish to be able to move the plants around. Some of the plants are especially suitable if you have a smaller greenhouse with shelves, for example a small greenhouse on your balcony or a lean-to greenhouse, which makes it challenging to have enough space for high plants that require a lot of space.


Dwarf tomatoes, bush beans, and squash

When it comes to utilizing greenhouse space, we recommend smaller determinate tomatoes that can grow in hanging planters or smaller pots standing on a shelf in the greenhouse. If you have a little more room but still don't wish to stake your tomato plants, other slightly bigger dwarf varieties might also be an option. These varieties don't require staking and you also don't need to prune the side shoots.

Apart from the smaller tomato varieties, you can grow bush beans or squash in the greenhouse. Especially squash plants like the heat and thrive well in the greenhouse if you have enough room. If possible, try to get squash plants with a bushy growth habit.


Great plants for ground cover

Maximize the space around your larger greenhouse plants by planting good ground cover plants. For example, you can cultivate annual edible summer flowers like tagetes, marigolds, and nasturtium. Herbs like basil and coriander work great as well.


Leafy vegetables and radishes

It is getting a little late this year; however, good crops to utilize greenhouse space before the high season really starts are fast-growing crops like spinach and radishes. These crops do not require excessive heat and actually thrive in cooler conditions.

Most leafy greens quickly bolt if it gets too hot. Therefore, they are quite suitable for cultivation in the greenhouse before the more heat-demanding greenhouse plants require the space.

And in autumn, when the heat-demanding greenhouse plants no longer take up all the space in the greenhouse, you can once again plant leafy vegetables directly on the bare soil.