Written by Mathias Emil Pedersen 08 Sep 2020 14:34

Make your own tomato sauce for your pizza

Homemade tomato sauce is a great way to store and use the summer harvest from the greenhouse.

This sauce can be used right away but is also nice when stored in the fridge for a few weeks. You can use the sauce for pizza, lasagne or as a base in a spaghetti meatballs sauce.


Spicy Italian tomato sauce


53 ounces of tomatoes of different sorts

4 red onions

2-3 courgettes

2-3 capsicums

1-2 chillies depending on the desired powerfulness, chilli can also be omitted

3-6 garlic cloves depending on how powerful you want the sauce



Olive oil


How to:

Chop all ingredients. Garlic and chilli should be chopped as fine as possible. Sauté the onions and garlic in olive oil until they have a brilliant aspect. Then, add the rest of the ingredients. The tomato sauce should simmer for 45-60 minutes. If you don’t use the sauce right away, you can pour it in glasses when cooled down and store it in the fridge. The shelf life is 3-4 weeks at 5 degrees in the fridge.

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