Written by Juliana 10 Mar 2021 15:41

There must be room for both plants and people – that is why we buy greenhouses

In the past, winter was the quiet season at Juliana Greenhouses. That is no longer the case - the greenhouse season lasts almost all year round, and here in January, Juliana Greenhouse Centre feels the customers' enthusiasm about getting started with their project “greenhouse”. Jesper Olsen has been selling greenhouses in the centre for 15 years, and he divides customers into two main categories - those who buy a house primarily for cultivation and with space for a small table and a couple of chairs, and those who buy a house primarily to stay in - where a long table or lounge furniture is the primary, and plant boxes and herbs are the secondary.

"With that said, most people want a combination - maybe that's why our larger and more spacious models are so popular," says Jesper Olsen. 

There are two models, in particular, that recently have caught the attention of customers. One is the Grand Oase - a rectangular greenhouse that is associated with the orangeries of the past, which, in addition to giving the king and nobility access to exotic fruits, were also synonymous with profit and enjoyment of life. 

“Most people who look at a Grand Oase are looking for a greenhouse that can be the garden's outdoor space - a place where they can gather family and friends and create a space of light and sky, and then, of course, they want a few tomato plants and a bit sage - but the primary purpose is the community,” says Jesper Olsen.

You can also check out the Juliana Oase here – a beautiful square greenhouse.

The Grand Oase has the advantage that the door is located on the long side of the house. It appeals to many because they often place the house in the back of the elongated garden. It makes sense to place the house crosswise the garden, as you then can see the front of the greenhouse from the other end of the garden.

"It is also possible to get an extra door put in the house - which gives flexibility, and a very spacious house - you really get the feeling of the high ceilings when you stand inside a Grand Oase," says Jesper Olsen.

Another thing that appeals to customers is the roof construction - which flows into a roof cap that opens automatically, depending on the temperature.


3 reasons why customers love the Grand Oase:

  1. The high eaves height, which creates a nice feeling of space.
  2. The door is on the long side and the opportunity for an extra door.
  3. The roof cap with an automatic opening ensures a good indoor climate.


Aesthetics at a good price

Another popular greenhouse is Halls Qube. Hall's products are in a slightly lower price range than the Juliana Oase series, and with the Qube, the idea has been to create an aesthetic greenhouse at a medium price. According to Jesper Olsen, that has been completely successful.

“The Qube series is popular because the customer gets a beautiful greenhouse at a good price. It is something completely different from our Oase series, but I think that the house with its light appearance and classic ‘greenhouse’ look speaks to many customers' notion of a greenhouse,” says Jesper Olsen.

Halls Qube is a beautiful house in a light and simple design

One of the things that customers especially fall for is the Qube's special door construction. The house is designed with a classic sliding door at the end of one gable, but where other greenhouses of the same type typically have a rail in the top that goes beyond the construction of the house, this door runs on a special rail, so the extra ‘arm’ is dispensable. It gives the house a simple and beautiful appearance when the door is closed. In addition, the doorstep is lowered so that the greenhouse is level with the base on which it stands. It provides easy access to the greenhouse - especially when you need to move larger plants, plant boxes or anything else in or out of the greenhouse. This can be an advantage because those customers who buy a Qube model primarily have cultivation in mind.

“The Qube speaks a little more to the cultivation segment, but since it has this beautiful appearance, it is also obvious to make room for tables and chairs. Most people like the idea of ​​a small nook where they can sit between their plants and enjoy the early spring or late autumn - and they certainly can in this house,” says Jesper Olsen.


3 reasons why customers love Halls Qube:

  1. The aesthetically beautiful design at an affordable price
  2. The profiles are designed so that the house has a strong construction - see the greenhouse being tested in a wind tunnel here.
  3. Innovated door design and lowered doorstep.


Both Grand Oase and Halls Qube are produced at Juliana's factory in Odense.