Juliana Grand Oase 13,0 m2
​​​​​​​Great Luxury for the Garden

The new greenhouse from Juliana meets our customers demand for a unique outdoor space, where there is room to cultivate and the good life.

Published on the 9th of February 2018

A new roof construction and a new entrance on the longer side of the greenhouse. The new greenhouse, Grand Oase, from Juliana meets the customers demand for a unique outdoor space. Where there is room for cultivating and the good life.

This year’s news from Juliana is the Grand Oase, that provides the family with room to cultivate herbs, fruit, and greens and engage in each other’s company. The house is created from a large demand on greenhouses, that provides an aesthetic room for the family’s outdoor life from early spring to late fall.

‘’With Grand Oase we rethought the greenhouse and added a unique roof construction and placed double doors on the longer side, whish gives a unique room feeling when you step into the house’’, says Nikolaj Stærmose, CEO at Juliana Group A/S.

In the assortment of Juliana, you will already find Juliana Oase – a unique square greenhouse, that comes in two sizes. Grand Oase is longer than Juliana Oase, and it is a house with lots of opportunities. You can easily divide the greenhouse into two sections – one side for cultivating and one side for a sitting area.

This makes the Grand Oase the perfect outdoor space for the active family.        

A greenhouse needs to be more that just a room where the family cultivates salad and herbs.

– Nikolaj Stærmose

Enjoy the good Moments.

Today a greenhouse is much more than a space where the family cultivates their vegetables. The company’s focus has therefore been to create greenhouse solutions, where aesthetics and function collaborates together.  

‘’We endeavour to meet our customers needs and wishes. And today a greenhouse needs to be much more that just a room where the family cultivates salad and herbs- More and more use the greenhouse as an outdoor space and wishes for a house, that partly gives room, and partly adds the garden and house some aesthetics’’, says Nikolaj Stærmose.

The Perfect Outdoor Space!

Juliana Grand Oase provides a space in the garden, where there is room for all the family projects – whatever it might be, cultivating herbs, fruits, or greens or for being together every day.

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