Danish Design

since 1963

A Juliana greenhouse is based on the principles of Danish design - simplicity. aesthetics, and functionality.

The sturdy profile structure makes the greenhouses solid and functional and at the same time it is a pleasure to the eye. Juliana has attention to details and the greenhouses are built as an aesthetic frame.

Juliana Greenhouse has 60 years of experience. Through the years the greenhouses have been designed, produced and further developed at the danish factory. Today it is the third generation leading the business. The production of Juliana Greenhouses is still taking place at the factory in Odense, Denmark.

With Juliana you get a greenhouse characterised by Danish design - from the development of an idea to producing the finished product.

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Double Stable Door

Keep the lower parts of the stable door closed to keep uninvited large and small animals away and the upper part open for ventilation.

Door Handle with Integrated Lock.

The door is provided with a door handle in stainless steel with an integrated lock.

Details Finish Complete the Greenhouse.

Metal fittings, cover plates, nut protectors etc., finish and  completes the greenhouse.

Strong Aluminium Profiles

The strong aluminium profiles are designes, developed, and tested for Scandinavian weather conditions. When the toughened glass or the polycarbonate glass is glued to the greenhouse profiles with silicone great strength is achieved, which help stabilize the construction and make the greenhouse strong. The powder-painted profiles, which undergo several tests to ensure the Qualicoat and GSb standards, are covered by a 12-year warranty.

*You can read the full warranty statement here.

Low Threshold for Easy Access

KonstruktioneThe door has a low threshold, which levels the entyrance and provides easy access for wheelchairs, wheelbarrows and small carts.

Intelligent Construction and Functional Aesthetics.

The roof pitch is 30 degrees to ensure an optimal influx of light for growing on the North European latitudes.

Long Pane Toughened Glass Gives a Nice Finish.

Toughened glass in long panes and glazing capping for fitting the glass gives a beautiful look without the traditional glass overlaps and glass clips.

A Juliana Greenhouse is the Quality Conscious Choice

Gutter with Leaf Guard

Integrated into the gutter is a leaf guard that ensures a minimal amount of leaves and easy cleaning of the downpipes and gutter. The plastic catch in the gutter ends latch the flap. The downpipe has a diameter of 40 mm and is attached directly to the gutter.


For models with the classic greenhouse roof, it is possible to purchase the attractive and practical cresting. Cresting was originally developed to prevent birds from roosting on the roof. At the same time, it gives the greenhouse a classic look.

Intelligent and Elegant Ventilation

The cowl on the Oase and Grand Oase has beeswax-filled cylinders. The heat in the greenhouse expands the beeswax in the cylinders, and the cowl is raised and ensures the necessary ventilation.

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