A Greenhouse Speaks To the Trends of the Future

Juliana is a part of CPH garden, as a sponsor of a show garden and with a huge stand that shows the full extent of greenhouse possibilities and the possibilities with a greenhouse.

First published on the 2nd of May 2019

The Danish greenhouse manufacturer Juliana Group A/S is once again a part of CPH Garden. Juliana is sponsoring a show garden and has a stand to show the grand possibilities of a greenhouse.

Activities in Greenhouse Land at CPH Garden.

With valuable experiences from the latest CPH garden, there will this year be even more greenhouse life at the Juliana stand. We will spotlight the future trends for greenhouse- and garden life and we will share knowledge om the many possibilities of the greenhouse and all the great things people can use it for.

The Juliana stand will showcase a series of the company’s different greenhouse models in both lacquered aluminium and in cedar wood – from the small city/balcony greenhouses, that provides an opportunity for you to get your hands dirty, and to the big greenhouses, that creates space for both relaxing and cultivating.  

- We are very much looking forward to sharing our greenhouse enthusiasm with the many visitors. It is a pleasure to meet the many other greenhouse geeks, and it is rewarding to speak with each and every one of them – from greenhouse dreamers to greenhouse enthusiasts, says Juliana Owner and CEO Nikolaj Stærmose.  

The Garden of the Future

Juliana is once again a sponsor for a show garden at CPH garden. This time in collaborations with landscape artist Catrine Hancke, who sought out help from the Pej group, that mediates information on the spirit of the times, trends, and expenditure.

The show garden ‘The garden of the Future’ provides a look into the future of garden life. Some of the keywords for the future of garden life is ‘mental calm and rest for the soul’ and ‘health and self-sufficiency’. A greenhouse provides the perfect space to create these keywords.

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It is a pleasure to meet the many other greenhouse enthusiast  and it is rewarding to speak to each and every one of them.

– Nikolaj Stærmose


Juliana Group is a leading global supplier of quality residential greenhouses. Founded in 1963 by Mogens A. Stærmose in Odense, Denmark, the family-owned company is today owned by third generation, Nikolaj Stærmose. Headquarter and production remains Odense-based with subsidiaries in the UK and Germany and export to more than 20 countries.​​​​​​​

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