Juliana Group is a leading global supplier of quality residential greenhouses. Founded in 1963 by Mogens A. Stærmose in Odense, Denmark, the family-owned company is today owned by third generation, Nikolaj Stærmose. Headquarter and production remains Odense-based with subsidiaries in the UK and Germany and export to more than 20 countries.​​​​​​​

’We help people grow’. That is why our brands Halls, Juliana, and Gabriel Ash all set the frame for experiences that are as natural as they are magical. Despite our long history, we’re future-focused and curious on how we can improve the sustainability of our greenhouses. Learn more about Juliana on this page and join our online community of greenhouse enthusiasts: GreenhouseForum.com​​​​​​​


Juliana Group, founded in 1963 by Mogens A. Stærmose, is today one of the world’s leading greenhouse manufactures for private use. Nikolaj Stærmose is CEO and third generation in the family-owned company with headquarter and production in Odense, Denmark, as well as subsidiaries in Great Britain and Germany.

The activities include design, development, manufacturing, marketing and sales of both greenhouses and mailboxes. The brands Halls, Juliana, Gabriel Ash (greenhouses) and Allux (mailboxes and mailbox systems) are distributed globally through a network of partners, retailers, garden centers, showrooms etc. Juliana Drivhuse has approx. 160 employees in Denmark, Great Britain, and Germany.

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