Juliana Oase

Product no.: F09685

The Juliana Oase is for those seeking a unique highceilinged garden room. It provides space for unfurling and room for creativity. Experiment with herbs in pots or with clusters of grapes. Pick melons, lemons and kiwis while creating a lovely atmosphere. Or create your own space for reflection.


Build your greenhouse

Square meters


Extra Door Set

The Juliana Oase greenhouse is the perfect choice for gardeners that like to entertain as well as grow. Available in two sizes and a choice of frame finishes, perfect ventilation is achieved with the stable doors, side vents and the ingenious roof apex vent. Long pane toughened safety glass is standard.

The high eaves make for a spacious greenhouse with an airy feel and provides ample space for a table and chairs as well as your vegetables and herbs.

The optional 12cm steel greenhouse base makes for a solid foundation and speeds up the build process. It also ensures you don't have to construct a brick or timber base.


Glazing3mm toughened glass
NameJuliana Oase
Square meters8.8

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