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June 10th 2021
Today DSV is announcing; simply not enough capacity nor enough containers – and this is on all routes!
The freight rates are at extraordinary heights and the transit times are at the same time considerably longer. Several ports are having major bottlenecks, as a consequence several vessels are just not making stops in Hamburg for example. The major port for northern Europe!
See update from DSV Air & Sea (Link in Danish)


June 9th 2021
The week 23 status from our freight forwarder from Airlog Group is unfortunately that our goods coming via Hamburg are delayed due to congestion in Hamburg port. The goods coming via Rotterdam port are also delayed - this due to a tight connection. Our heavy glass container placed in the bottom of the vessel was not unloaded before the vessel had to leave the port again. The rest of our relevant containers are announced 8-14 days delayed departure from Yantian/Shenzhen in China as this port is working at only 30% capacity – due to congestion and COVID-19 eruption. At Juliana we are doing our best to navigate in these unstable deliveries by being as flexible as possible in our planning of production.


June 4th 2021
The COVID-19 outbreak at the port of Yantian in the Shenzhen district of China (see also information from May 26th.) is still an issue, and the impact is expected to be minimum 14 days delays for departure out of the relevant ports.
See update from Maersk (link).


May 29th 2021
We have had one incident of Covid-19 in one of the manufacturing teams at Juliana in Odense. The person is in isolation and is so far doing fairly well. The consequence is a hopefully short stop in manufacturing, which can lead to delays.


May 28th 2021
The vessel MSC Malin is currently delayed in Antwerp due to suspicion of Covid-19 among 2 crew members. Due to this, MSC must take all precautionary measures and change all crew members to limit any exposure and ensuring the continued safety to all port related staff.
Hence it is highly uncertain when the Juliana materials will be able to depart towards Danish Ports.


May 26th 2021
Corona outbreak at the port of Yantian in the Shenzhen district of China. Chinese requirements now have the entire area under strict control.

The control, which i.a. includes daily testing and isolation in case of infection, means that the port is greatly reduced in the staffing of offices and terminal. The lack of efficiency in the port has the consequence that containers pile up in the area, and trucks in the direction of the port can stand in line for up to 24 hours. Due to the huge bottleneck, the terminal has now closed down for receiving containers until and including Thursday 27 May.The shutdown means that the ships that were to be loaded today and in the days ahead will be delayed in relation to their planned departure times. Unfortunately, it also means delays in containers planned to arrive in Odense just before the summer vacations as they will not arrive until mid- or after the summer months. 
See information from DSV Air & Sea (Link in Danish).


April 20th 2021
Still repercussions after Suez. We are working hard on minimizing the direct delays because of the SUEZ situation. There are several other longer-term consequences of the Suez situation that is already clear and is expected to have delay effect the next 6-8 weeks. One effect is heavy que in the harbors and another effect is extra pressure on having sufficient empty containers for transport east and west. Of course, we follow the situation closely and try to be at the forefront of pushing bookings through to our order!
See update from DSV Air & Sea (pdf in Danish)


April 6th 2021
Juliana had 14 containers on vessels waiting to pass through Suez (after refloating of Ever Given). This will give delays in receiving the containers in Denmark, but we are fighting all our best to minimize the delays in the Juliana deliveries.
See update from Blue Water Shipping A/S (pdf).



10. juni 2021
Fra DSV annonceres det, at der simpelthen mangler kapacitet og containere – gældende for alle ruter!
Fragtpriserne er ekstraordinære høje, og transittiderne er samtidig betydeligt længere. Flere havne har store flaskehalsproblemer, og som følge heraf anløber flere skibe ganske enkelt ikke for eksempel Hamborg havn, Nordeuropas største havn.
Se information fra DSV Air & Sea (link).


9. juni 2021
Status for uge 23 fra vores speditør Airlog Group er desværre, at vores varer, der skal komme via Hamborg, er forsinket på grund af overbelastning i Hamborg havn. Varerne, der skal via havnen i Rotterdam, er også forsinket – dette på grund af en ’ tight connection’. Containerne med vores tunge glas er placeret i bunden af skibet og blev ikke aflæst, før skibet måtte forlade havnen. Resten af vores containere annonceres forsinket afgang 8-14 dage ud af Yantian / Shenzhen i Kina, da denne havn kun arbejder med 30% kapacitet – på grund af overbelastning og COVID-19-udbrud. Hos Juliana gør vi vores bedste for at navigere med disse ustabile leverancer ved at være så fleksible som muligt i vores planlægning af produktionen.


4. juni 2021
COVID-19-udbruddet i havnen i Yantian i Shenzhen-distriktet i Kina er stadig et problem, og det forventes at give mindst 14 dages forsinkelse for afgang fra de relevante havne. Se også update fra 26. maj.
Se information fra Maersk (link på engelsk).


29. maj 2021
Vi har desværre haft et tilfælde af coronasmitte i produktionen på aftenholdet i sidste uge. Vedkommende har det efter omstændighederne nogenlunde, og er i isolation. Kollegerne på aftenholdet samt de, der har været i kontakt, er hjemsendt og bliver testet efter forskrifterne. Der har heldigvis ikke været yderligere tilfælde. Situationen betyder naturligvis, at vi får et mindre stop i produktionen, og dette vil desværre føre til forsinkede ordrer.


28. maj 2021
Containerskibet MSC Malin er ramt af COVID-19 blandt besætningen og hele besætningen skal derfor skiftes ud. Det er derfor højst usikkert, hvornår Juliana varerne kan forventes at ankomme, og vi må påregne yderligere forsinkelser.


26. maj 2021
Der er udbrud af COVID-19 i en af de store havnebyer i Kina med nedlukning til følge. Det kan desværre betyde at nogen af de containere, der skulle ankomme lige inden sommerferien, bliver forsinket således at de først ankommer enten i sommerferien eller lige efter. Der er ikke fuldt overblik, men vi følger situationen tæt.
Se information fra DSV Air & Sea (link).


20. april 2021
Der er stadig efterdønninger i form af forsinkelser som resultat af SUEZ-situationen, men de langsigtede konsekvenser i form at der igen kan forekomme knaphed på tomme containere i Kina, kender vi ikke endnu. Vi følger naturligvis situationen nøje og forsøger at være på forkant med at få presset bookinger igennem til vores order!
Se status fra DSV Air & Sea (pdf)


6. april 2021
Juliana havde 14 containere på skibe der lå og ventede på at komme igennem Suez, som bliver påvirket i en eller anden grad, der kæmpes med at minimere forsinkelserne, og hvis det giver problemer for os, informerer så snart vi ved noget mere konkret om konsekvenserne.
Se status fra Blus Water Shipping A/S (pdf på engelsk)